Thursday, August 23, 2012

Today I worked all day on Stained Glass Origami Cranes and I got them posted in my Etsy Store.

These stained glass origami cranes of original design measure seven inches high and twelve inches across. Blue usually signifies peace, white long life and good health and red is usually used for wedding decoration, because of their association with fidelity, prosperity and longevity.

This origami stained glass crane, of original design and hand crafted in my home studio in Chattanooga, Tennessee, is also known as Sadako’s Peace Crane or “tsuru” in Japanese, symbolize peace and long life. The origami crane is often given as a gift to wish ill people a quick recovery, and as a wedding gift or decoration as cranes mate for life and are devoted in all seasons, sharing equally in nest building and caring for their young. Throughout Asia the crane is a symbol of peace, happiness and eternal youth. It is said a thousand folded paper cranes makes a wish come true.

The origami crane has become an international peace symbol in recent years as a result of its connection to a young girl, Sadako Sasaki, who was two when the atom bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. She collapsed when she was ten during a sports event and was diagnosed with Leukemia, the “Atom Bomb Disease”. Her friends told her the legend that anyone who folded a thousand cranes would be granted a wish. Sadako hoped for a recovery, in her courageous battle with Leukemia and began folding them, she died before completing her task. Her faith and courage inspired her friends and classmates to complete her task and to build a memorial to the innocent children, who were victims of the atomic bomb. Each year children and adults from all over the world fold a thousand cranes which are placed at the foot of the monument where the inscription reads:

This is our cry, this is our prayer, Peace in the world.”

. A gift tag will be provided with each crane if you email me to let me know which you’d like :1.) This is our cry, This is our prayer, Peace in the world. 2.) Wishing you a quick recovery and a long and happy life. 3.) Wishing you a long and happy marriage and much prosperity. A pattern for folding a paper crane and a piece of origami paper, will be included with each purchase, perhaps you’d like to try to build one.

The crane is possibly the oldest bird on earth. Today seven of the fifteen species are threatened with extinction. For more information about captive breeding methods, how you can help write to:
The International Crane Foundation
E-11376 Shady Lane Road
Baraboo, Wisconsin 53913

Ask about their Adopt A Crane Program. Their web address is

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