Saturday, August 25, 2012

I often wish I could do more for the less fortunate but recently I was made aware of a fun and easy project that benefits children all over the world and it only cost me my time, as I quilt and have scraps of material left over. It was a wonderful use for remnants that pile up and was an outlet for being creative also, while benefiting others. I don't sew very well but these little pillowcase dresses for children living in poverty were easy enough for a novice like me to tackle. My friend's church made them as a community women's project and the turn out was incredible! She told me they hung the little dresses from the balcony in church on Sunday morning. These little dresses are sometimes the only new thing the child ever has, so sad. Their website Pillowcase Dresses for Children in Africa gives a pattern and directions where to send them, children here in Appalachia benefit also. For real ease you can make the dresses from bandanas also and avoid having to bind the seams! 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Today I worked all day on Stained Glass Origami Cranes and I got them posted in my Etsy Store.

These stained glass origami cranes of original design measure seven inches high and twelve inches across. Blue usually signifies peace, white long life and good health and red is usually used for wedding decoration, because of their association with fidelity, prosperity and longevity.

This origami stained glass crane, of original design and hand crafted in my home studio in Chattanooga, Tennessee, is also known as Sadako’s Peace Crane or “tsuru” in Japanese, symbolize peace and long life. The origami crane is often given as a gift to wish ill people a quick recovery, and as a wedding gift or decoration as cranes mate for life and are devoted in all seasons, sharing equally in nest building and caring for their young. Throughout Asia the crane is a symbol of peace, happiness and eternal youth. It is said a thousand folded paper cranes makes a wish come true.

The origami crane has become an international peace symbol in recent years as a result of its connection to a young girl, Sadako Sasaki, who was two when the atom bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. She collapsed when she was ten during a sports event and was diagnosed with Leukemia, the “Atom Bomb Disease”. Her friends told her the legend that anyone who folded a thousand cranes would be granted a wish. Sadako hoped for a recovery, in her courageous battle with Leukemia and began folding them, she died before completing her task. Her faith and courage inspired her friends and classmates to complete her task and to build a memorial to the innocent children, who were victims of the atomic bomb. Each year children and adults from all over the world fold a thousand cranes which are placed at the foot of the monument where the inscription reads:

This is our cry, this is our prayer, Peace in the world.”

. A gift tag will be provided with each crane if you email me to let me know which you’d like :1.) This is our cry, This is our prayer, Peace in the world. 2.) Wishing you a quick recovery and a long and happy life. 3.) Wishing you a long and happy marriage and much prosperity. A pattern for folding a paper crane and a piece of origami paper, will be included with each purchase, perhaps you’d like to try to build one.

The crane is possibly the oldest bird on earth. Today seven of the fifteen species are threatened with extinction. For more information about captive breeding methods, how you can help write to:
The International Crane Foundation
E-11376 Shady Lane Road
Baraboo, Wisconsin 53913

Ask about their Adopt A Crane Program. Their web address is

Monday, August 20, 2012

I was wondering if anyone does Pinterest? It's so much fun and inspiring. It also helps me to stay organized. Whenever I see something interesting I post it there so that I can find it again later. It's funny too, I learned I love red, purple and orange, everything I collect are those colors! I had no idea until I saw all my postings together on the boards. You can check out my boards for more stained glass and mosaic ideas, as I post a lot there. You might even find you want to set up your own boards. look at the colors in these flowers!

I've always wanted a messy, overgrown garden with a riot of color.

 Over the years I've collected some photos of mosaics gone wild. Have dreamed of doing a huge project like these. - Suncatcher Creations Stained Glass

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Isn't this old chandelier outrageous, I have to have it! Plan on making one for myself first chance.

How beautiful this must be at night from the outside and on the inside in the morning. Would love to have my coffee in there.

Mosaics are so much fun, They are interesting, sometimes whimsical and so beautiful. Here are a few that I love.

Are you familiar with Chihuly's work, his glass is glorious.

It's been a very long time since I've blogged or made any stained glass. We have moved from New York to Chattanooga Tennessee during the past three years and have been going to college and getting situated. Somehow there just was not enough time to do my favorite thing, stained glass until now!

We have a cute little bungalow in the historic district of Chattanooga, nothing special but kind of funky! There's not much room to have a real studio space that would allow me to do large panels but there is enough space for me to work. So I've been busy lately and just last night finally, I opened an Etsy store.

Since we moved to Tennessee, we thought we had to have a hound dog, to kind of fit in..... so we got a darling puppy that was being sold out of a parking lot! 
He's a terror.... I always thought Basset Hounds were lethargic, boy, did I have that wrong! He's a little stubborn but so lovable. I imagine he'll grow up to be very spoiled because he just melts our hearts.

While getting settled here, I have done some mosaics. They are always fun because mosaic work is not as confining as stained glass. You are free to do anything you like and it's a great way to use glass remnants. I was hoping to get into mosaic outdoor furniture but there just is not enough room.... So I've been having fun making some funky, whimsical stained glass pieces.
My sister-in-law (might just as well be my sister, I love her so) had her 60th birthday, so I designed a goddess for her. Do you know about the goddess?

Beloved by many cultures, she has been called by countless names - Isis, Venus, Athena, Pele, Changing  Woman. Her titles included Queen of Heaven, Mistress of the Animals, Our Lady, Holy Mother and Mother of God. She was celebrated as Wheat, Rice, Sun, Moon and Morning Star. Spirals represent birth and rebirth, knowing and becoming. This Moon Goddess and the spiral forms represent the creative energy that directs and holds life together. She reminds us that all beings on this earth are connected.
The matriarchal goddess may well reflect the three stages of a woman's life:
§  The Maiden represents enchantment, inception, expansion, the promise of new beginnings, birth, youth and youthful enthusiasm, represented by the waxing moon.
§  The Mother represents ripeness, fertility, sexuality, fulfillment, stability, power and life represented by the full moon.
§  The Crone represents wisdom, repose, death, and endings represented by the waning moon.

Begin a powerful, healing journey with the Divine Feminine as you meet the Goddess in her many forms: Nurturing Mother, Fertile Life-Giver, Warrior Woman, Wise Woman, Magical Healer, Priestess, Maiden and Sensual Enchantress. 
In a very real and meaningful way, you will connect with the Goddess and her gifts of wisdom, healing, transformation, creativity and strength. What you discover will empower you in your daily life, inspire your creative work and support your spiritual path. She will help you to come to a deeper appreciation of yourself, your talents, and the unique attributes of women. The Goddess reflects our own creative power and shows us our own beauty. She gives healing, inspiration, strength and comfort.
The Goddess Within,
The Goddess speaks through all women.
Reconnect with your own inner Goddess.
Empower yourself spiritually, physically
and emotionally, and set yourself free!

In order to sharpen my skills, I made a Victorian window panel also, that is for sale in my Etsy store! It came out well, so I'm back to do my favorite thing and am happy to say, I've already made my first sale. Look for me on Etsy, I hope to really create a lot of new artwork.