Wednesday, September 20, 2006

One of my favorites, country kitchen charm!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

How About an Art Bazaar? Please email your thoughts

Was thinking it would be so nice if we had an original art by self representing artists in all disciplines section on EBAY, like a huge arts and crafts fair, it's so difficult for all of us to be seen spread out through so many categories. It would be like wandering through a huge gallery for the buyers or do you all like it this way? Think we could ask ebay for that instead of the way it is? I know no one ever plans to buy at craft fairs but they always see something they can't live without, maybe an Art Bazaar so that people looking for unusual gifts home decor etc that wanted only originals would have something fun to wander through? Maybe if all the groups got together they would consider it, sales are abysmal .
Am thinking of collecting your thoughts, composing a letter if there's a positive response and opening a group where the letter will be posted and everyone can sign.

Monday, September 04, 2006

After Ting Shao Kuang's Distant Dreams This panel measures 26x26 has 168 pieces and 26 different types of glass.I would love to take credit but I can't, this painting was done by Chinese artist Ting Shao Kuang, this is just my stained glass rendition of his incredible art!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Stars in many colors and sizes sold through Ebay

Butterflies, always a store item in many different art glasses.http:

Funky Whimsical Chickens

Moon Lite Tree

Charlotte's Web


Tail Chasing

Dream Catcher

Fish Puzzle

I've been working on unique wedding gifts. The window here was designed as the perfect gift for the parents of the bride or groom to give as an heirloom commemorative gift or wedding card to accompany a monetary gift! It's got 13 different glasses, 248 pieces and measures 22x28. The panel is framed in unstained oak and comes with a brass plaque for the couples names and wedding date.

The Origami stained glass cranes are great gifts for friends and relatives as they signify peace, wellness, fidelity and prosperity. It is said that to fold a thousand cranes makes a wish come true. A lot of wedding couples are using the crane as a wedding theme. I recently made one for a woman to have the ring bearer carry with the rings. She promised photos!

After Blenda's Pears
This window panel was a collaborative effort by Blenda Tyvoll, an incredible Ebay talent, who does beautiful watercolors, and myself.
I loved her painting, just couldn't live without it! With her permission, I reproduced it's likeness in leaded glass
Blenda's art work is sure worth a peek!

Hi Everyone,
Just in case you're interested I thought I'd tell a little about me.
I live on Long Island, on the out skirts of Southampton, land of the rich and famous! I have a small home on Peconic Bay with a reconverted porch that I use as a studio, the light is great with all the sky lights but the size is limiting in what I can make. I really love working at home though. The views are beautiful. In the winter I can see the bay all around and in the summer it's like being in a tree house, as our home was flooded so we had to raise it.

I live with my long time sweetie and my Persian cat and English bulldog! Am crazy about animals. I had a horse that I did dressage with for many years, just the smell of a barn makes me happy! I think I enjoyed taking care of the horse more than riding even, that soft nose nuzzling my cheek, the nicker for sugar, miss him terribly.

I enjoy quilting, knitting, gardening, the beach, music, friends and quiet time. Stained glass has been a passion of mine since the 1970's. I love all aspects of glass, especially design and cutting.
I can be obsessive at times, staying in my pj's, forgetting to eat, and making a terrible mess of the house! For many years I did the craft fair circuit, sold through boutiques and did commissions. In recent times I on;y sell through the internet as it's much more liberating and allows me to create only what I enjoy.