Wednesday, September 06, 2006

How About an Art Bazaar? Please email your thoughts

Was thinking it would be so nice if we had an original art by self representing artists in all disciplines section on EBAY, like a huge arts and crafts fair, it's so difficult for all of us to be seen spread out through so many categories. It would be like wandering through a huge gallery for the buyers or do you all like it this way? Think we could ask ebay for that instead of the way it is? I know no one ever plans to buy at craft fairs but they always see something they can't live without, maybe an Art Bazaar so that people looking for unusual gifts home decor etc that wanted only originals would have something fun to wander through? Maybe if all the groups got together they would consider it, sales are abysmal .
Am thinking of collecting your thoughts, composing a letter if there's a positive response and opening a group where the letter will be posted and everyone can sign.

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