Sunday, September 03, 2006

Hi Everyone,
Just in case you're interested I thought I'd tell a little about me.
I live on Long Island, on the out skirts of Southampton, land of the rich and famous! I have a small home on Peconic Bay with a reconverted porch that I use as a studio, the light is great with all the sky lights but the size is limiting in what I can make. I really love working at home though. The views are beautiful. In the winter I can see the bay all around and in the summer it's like being in a tree house, as our home was flooded so we had to raise it.

I live with my long time sweetie and my Persian cat and English bulldog! Am crazy about animals. I had a horse that I did dressage with for many years, just the smell of a barn makes me happy! I think I enjoyed taking care of the horse more than riding even, that soft nose nuzzling my cheek, the nicker for sugar, miss him terribly.

I enjoy quilting, knitting, gardening, the beach, music, friends and quiet time. Stained glass has been a passion of mine since the 1970's. I love all aspects of glass, especially design and cutting.
I can be obsessive at times, staying in my pj's, forgetting to eat, and making a terrible mess of the house! For many years I did the craft fair circuit, sold through boutiques and did commissions. In recent times I on;y sell through the internet as it's much more liberating and allows me to create only what I enjoy.

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