Sunday, February 11, 2007

The self -representing art category on eBay is comprised of many very talented and creative artists, but more importantly, most are lovely people also. Many have been educated in the arts, some are self taught and some are quite famous, all are passionate. There are many art groups for support, marketing and socializing, where many of us go to chat. Without the support of my fellow artists, I don't know if I would still be doing my glass which I love deeply but cyber space can get lonely and can be very frustrating. As a crafts person many times over the years I have found fine artists to be very snobby about showing with them but that's never been the case on eBay, where everyone seems to pull for one another. I've grown to love the eBay community and so it is with great pride, humility and joy that I have been awarded the Artist's Choice Awards in the Pottery&Glass and the Sculpture categories. I thank each and everyone for their nominations and for their votes, it's a real honor to be considered one of them, but mostly I thank them for being there over the years. Their friendship has meant the world to me.

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