Saturday, February 10, 2007

I hope it's just the cold weather causing me to want to hibernate, but lately I 've been selling quite a lot and yet I've been very uninspired to produce any art work. I recently completed the window below. It was very challenging and enjoyable but I was distracted over the holidays with family obligations and lost momentum. The piece sat too long and getting back to it was difficult. Once I disciplined myself to complete it I was really happy but I came to a screeching halt in wanting to begin a new piece. It's very much like beginning a new book for me, it starts out slowly and is difficult to get to the meat of it, causing me to put it down, lose my place and usually having to start over. Once I'm captivated by it though, I can't do anything else until I finish it. Then a sadness seeps in because it's completed.
I have a few days now with time I've set aside to just replace the items I'm short of as staples in my store, once that's done I'm hoping to find the desire to be creative once again.

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