Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Sister Raya's Painter's Market Place Honored me with this award. I'm doing the happy dance, it was so sweet!

Painters Market Place is pleased to announce Toni Rose (SuncatcherCreations on eBay) is the winner of the November Painters Marketplace - Marketing Champion Award. Toni qualifies for this award due to her exceptional efforts in marketing other artists who sell their artwork on eBay. Toni created a Squidoo Blog and invited many talented artist and artisans to showcase their work on her blog. Her Squidoo Blog went from a initial very low opening rating to a very high one in a short amount of time due to her work and perseverence. Toni is a prime example of how dedication and effort can increase the online exposure for artists, thus potentially increasing their online sales.

Toni joined Painters Marketplace as an art collector. She soon became inspired and energized to sell her own fabulous stained glass creations on eBay. When Toni started out on eBay she barely knew anything about computers much less selling online. Since this time, (about a year) Toni has become a successful eBay seller and learned much about online marketing. She went from being a standard member of Painters Marketplace to being a very savvy contributor. Way to go Toni!

See Toni's Stained Glass Artwork on eBay


Toni's AWESOME squidoo blog

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