Sunday, October 01, 2006

As you know ebay's categories under self representing artists does not include fine crafts, which really bothers me as I feel all the fine artists would benefit also if the site offered unique gifts and home decor as well as paintings, which I believe people buy on whim and fancy. The fine crafts people are scattered throughout ebay, dolls in with antiques, stained glass in with dinner dishes and so much of what is interesting, innovative, creative and unique is lost to ebay and to the artists as well for lack of views, no one can find them! I've decided to find them for you and to categorize them the best I can. First will be all the handmade original art doll artists I've found, I'm sure there are many I haven't and I've asked a lot of art groups to help me.

The dolls created by these ebay artists are incredible, interesting and unique! What a wonderful gift for Christmas or a birthday, a real treasure and one of a kind heirloom from a loving grand parent. For an adult these dolls are delightful too! A feast for your eyes, enjoy!

You can see them here

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