Saturday, April 25, 2015

My Idea of Window Treatment!

For years I have loved windows with small squares around the perimeter of the clear glass. You don't see them often any more. I have wanted to make them but could never figure out how to adhere them. Now I have found a way to do it with double sided clear tape, permitting one to remove them later down the road. For those who want to permanently adhere them to the glass, Loctite has come out with a glass glue that cures in 15 seconds ( maybe a few more). In an age when curtains are no longer in vogue these fused glass squares of my design really jazz up a room, throwing beautiful colors around the room and they are beautiful from the inside at night as they are iridescent and the outside. They are now for sale in my Etsy store in an array of beautiful colors. The glasses I fused in these first sets are among the most beautiful and expensive, purple and pink being made with gold salts.

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