Sunday, November 03, 2013

I've been having the best time!

  In Chattanooga, the summers are steamy hot and humid and the winters are pretty cold. My stained glass studio is in my house but grinding and sawing glass requires water that slashes all over with shards of glass, so I like to do that work outside, as it can get fairly messy. The weather really only leaves two seasons to do any serious work. During the off months I do small projects that I sell in my Etsy Store as small pieces don't require much time outside. This year I planned better and had my store stocked for Christmas by Halloween, so if I really focus I have the month of November to do the most challenging project that I've tackled to date.

Kiki Suarez is a prolific artist, whose work I love. Her imagination is wonderful, her art unique, fun, brilliant and bright. It brings cheer, what more can one ask for in art? She has been gracious enough to allow me to do a glass interpretation of her Many Strong and Beautiful Women. It was a project I had planned to do last year at this time but circumstances prevented it. Finally I'm able to work on it and I'm having a wonderful time! There is still so much to do but I've put in  full six days and gotten some of the most challenging parts done. There's much adjusting still needed and some of the women remining to be worked on are difficult but I do think I will get it all done by Christmas. Here's the beginning photos, which I'll update as work progresses.

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